That there was basically what you would hear from me a few years ago,  i was very quite and not confident when it came to speaking to others.  This is my speech on my “journey” to becoming a more confident and talkative person.

In year 9 and 10, words you could use to describe me were shy, quiet, to myself and people thought i was sad or lonely whereas the reality was that i just wasn’t confident enough to talk to people outside of my HUGELY widespread friend group of four people.  I don’t know what it was but i always felt that me talking to new people was bad, that was just the thought that went through my head for no reason what so ever.  In my head i almost enjoyed keeping to myself and not having to even put the effort in to talking to people other than my 3 main friends.  In classes i would go and sit on my own and work alone, i could’ve gone and sat next to someone anytime throughout all of my year 9 and 10 but i didn’t, even when i was offered or asked to come over and sit with some people i turned it down most the time which i would imagine would’ve put an odd view of me as a person into others heads.  

I always thought that keeping to myself was fine and i was perfectly happy to do so but one day when we were sitting on the outside seats in the sun and a group of people came and sat down next to where we were sitting, over time we started to mingle and slowly became more fond of each other.  After about 4 weeks we were chatting away as if we all knew each other for years.  This wasn’t just a one person new friend, this was a whole group of people that me and my 3 friends could now go and have a friendly chat to anyone at anytime.  Looking back i can now see what i was missing out on, chatting with new people and a variety of people really helped build my confidence which is what i needed and from then i started sitting with people in class and school became a lot more fun and enjoyable.  

In year 11 i was a lot more talkative and sociable then i ever had been, yet i was still the keep to himself one.  I tried really hard to be talkative in this year because i felt the pressure to be sociable made me feel like an outcast when i didn’t talk much.  All these new friends i had recently made had now been sort of “cemented” in and i was starting to get on with a social life.  Around half way through year 11 i started to hang out with these new friends outside of school which just made the bond so much better AND from something so simple like hanging out with new people i felt it developed my confidence in speaking as IT lead to talking to more new people.  At the end of year 11 i went on the spirit of adventure which is a 10 day course set on an old fashioned sailing ship.  Here i learnt many skills from tying knots to how to sail the ship.  Somewhere in between those, a huge thing i learnt from this course was interacting with new people id never met before.  Although this was with new people it still gave me the chance to improve and almost practice talking to people and make conversation.  Thanks to this adventure i came away with many new friends whom to this day i still catch up with and go and visit.  This showed me that communicating is a huge thing weather it seems it or not as id made these great new friends over the course of only 10 days.  Returning back to school after the 10 days i felt that i was a lot more talkative and generally just enjoyed talking with people for a change, especially the ones i didn’t normal chat to which i think came as a surprise to many.

Out of all of my full completed year of school (which is excluding this year), year 12 was by far my favorite.  I had become so much more talkative that there was a stage where i was the one getting told off by the teachers to be quite.  That year was just a blast hanging out with friends at school and most weekends outside of school.  I also had my waitering job during this year too which looking back i did enjoy as surprising there were many comments on how great i was at that job and at how “oh that young man is just so polite and clear with his speaking!” this raised my confidence even more than i had already done myself.  At the end of my year 12 year i gained my restricted licence which just topped off everything for me as i got this at the start of my crazy long end of year holidays and words can’t even describe how great everything was taking mums car most days and going and hanging out with people and going for swims and the whole lot.  I really just can’t describe how amazing my whole year was because id improved on something that comes so easily and simply to so many people.  It’s really hard to believe that from just becoming more confident and really making an effort to want to talk that it provided me with a whole lot of friends and the best year of my life.

As you may know i am currently one of the 30 students taking part in the hostel programme here at mac.  To me this was in so many ways my next big step in improving myself and communication.  Obviously i didn’t just come here for the banter but in a way i did.  I feel like over the course of the year i can become even more confident as i know myself that there are times where i still seem not  very talkative or sometimes it has come across as rude as people some people think i don’t have any problem talking so they assume its rudeness.  It really annoys me when i look back on a conversation or environment where i think my silence or lack of effort to reply gives me across as rude but i’m far from intentionally doing it.  My future aspirations are to always have the effort and confidence to chat anytime and anywhere and therefore not having this sometimes rude aspect about me and to try best my best year.


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  1. Matt, you could consider refining this speech writing to use for your 3.4 Portfolio. However, you would need to:
    1) Make the piece technically accurate overall, paying close attention to the expression, structure and word choice in your ideas.
    2) Watch unnecessary repetition of vocabulary and/or ideas. Consider how you can lead the reader through your ideas purposefully.
    3) Formalise some expressions (removing a “clumsy” feel). If you are going to be informal in your writing, use this style for effect, rather than a default mechanism.
    * You may wish to elaborate on some of your ideas if you believe they require more clarification.


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